Год: 2011
Автор: Manzoor Wani,Dr. G.M Bhat and Wahida Tabasum
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This history of culture of temperate fruits in Kashmir is very ancient, about 3000 years old. Kalhana in Rajtarangni makes mention of it in the reign of King Nara (1000 BC). Although Horticulture sector is often seen as being shadow of Agriculture, it has proved to be vital economic activity in Jammu Kashmir state, contributing significantly to Agriculture GDP. Horticulture sector generates over 1250 crores of rupees annually, besides providing direct and indirect employment to over 25 lakh people. Marketing problems in Jammu Kashmir and across the country are increasing in day in and day out. The marketing cost have been increasing without matching increase in the net returns, not withstanding inconveniences involved in the complicated marketing system. The marketing problems are bound to get aggrivated in the face of challenges created by W.T.O. Imports of fruits from other countries have already started in India, which has increased the apprehension of competition in…